Our Story

At Too Good to be Forgotten we know our loved ones are exactly that.  Our company was born out of compassion and respect for family and friendship.  We honor our family and friends with fresh cut roses delivered to and personally placed at the grave site of their loved one.

It all started with my mom’s hip surgery.  She and I would customarily drive out to the cemetery and place roses at her mother and father’s grave site.  Until the time came where my mom needed hip surgery.  She had the surgery and fortunately it was a complete success. However, the doctor said with the recovery time and the rehabilitation required, it could be up to a year before she felt steady and confident on her feet again.  The rehabilitation had to be done at a live in facility so mom elected to reside at the rehabilitation facility with the best reputation and the one closest to home.

With mom being in the rehabilitation center, I traveled alone to take the roses to my grandparents grave site knowing it would put a smile on her face.  I used my phone to take a picture of the bouquet of  two dozen red and white roses placed at the grave site and when I showed her the picture, she was happily surprised. With a big smile she said, “THANK YOU SO MUCH – THANK YOU SO MUCH”…. over and over. Immediately, she hobbled out of her room and carefully made her way into a larger room next door where there were many of her fellow residents playing bingo. Mom showed her roommate Mrs. Mary (also known as the mayor) the photo first. She loved the different color combinations of the roses.  Mrs. Mary took my phone and walked the picture around the bingo room, showing it to to each person, and they all loved it.

In less then a week my mom called me and asked if I could purchase and place roses on Mrs. Mary’s husband and sister’s grave sites.  I agreed and asked for the name of the cemetery and what color roses she would like.  As requested, I placed lavender roses on her sister’s grave site, and yellow roses on her husband’s grave site and took a photo of each.  I immediately texted the photos to my mom  and asked her to show them to Mrs. Mary. As I reached my home, 35 minutes away, my mom called me and said that Mrs. Mary had over a dozen people that would like me to place roses on their loved ones grave sites as well.  She said “Mrs. Mary has the place going wild with requests”.

We laughed and laughed….

Needless to say, I fulfilled each order with great care and placed them at the grave sites within four days.  Later, we worked out a service fee and Too Good To Be Forgotten was born.